The mission of Rayflex Community Health & Wellness Foundation is to work with others who possess leadership qualities that embody the roots of our movement: that health and wellness should be accessible by everyone. Whether you have fitness experience, or you’re just starting out, this is an opportunity to build a strong community while building a stronger body.

It is the vision of Rayflex Community Health & Wellness Foundation to work with individuals, organizations and agencies in this community to empower people to embrace exercise and fitness, and strive to provide a positive influence on the people with whom we come in contact daily. Our foundation strives to inspire, motivate and educate the handicap & physically challenged; men, women and children from all walks of life, fitness levels, and ages and build a fit community.


  • The Body Sculptors


We are a group of men, women, children and co-workers. We come together and thrive off one another’s positive energy, strength and our nutrition during our workouts to become better fit. We are bringing our movement to the community with the purpose to positively impact lives, and help break down the barriers that are standing in the way of people from achieving optimal fitness levels. There is a movement that must happen to help our community live healthier lives. Welcome to Rayflex’s Community Health & Wellness Foundation!


  • Community Outreach Services


Funds raised through the foundation help support many programs; Financial assistance- (Father Purcell Exceptional Children Center, Montgomery Area food Bank, etc ) Education-we go into the schools, Boys & Girls clubs and speak to kids of all ages about steroids & drugs and how it affects them and their community. We provide a mentoring program for young men and women.  We set up exercise programs for ECHO. We also reach out to business and churches through our  health fairs on preventive care of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes which is a wide spread epidemic in our community. Support Services-on nutrition and physical fitness. All provided free of charge. We are in partnership with SISTAs on the SHIP program where we provide free gym membership and personal training to cancer survivors.


  • Fitness Forum to showcase your hard efforts


Within our health & wellness foundation is a team of strong, athletic people from diverse backgrounds, committed to bringing fitness and a healthy nutritional lifestyle education to our community and beyond. To do this, many of them compete (even the handicap & physically challenged) in bodybuilding and figure competitions, as well as charity and sporting events.  Other teammates choose not to compete, as they are simply working toward their individual goals.

Four of our big annual LIVE fundraisers are our all Natural drug free PRO/AM Bodybuilding and Figure events held in Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia.

Supported by generous sponsors such as you, we engage and empower people to train seriously, implement optimal nutrition and live a healthy lifestyle.